Citroën DS3

Brief: Street marketing action for the new Citroen DS3, an hyper cutomizable car that allows you to have a unique ride
Concept: labeled every type of car in the streets and parkings with a big cliché about the people driving that sort of car.

For instance: big 4×4 with 6 or 8 seats are usually driven by non-working mothers as well as small and colorful types of cars are driven by daddy’s girl.
The purpose here was to make people realize that they might not like what they are labeled and that the DS3 allows them to get rid of those tags.

etiquettespoil-brat.jpg fiat-spoiel-brat.jpg etiquette.yuppie.jpg yuppie.jpg etiquette-granola.jpg prius-granola.jpg etiquette-verso.jpg