Neivz jewelry

Brief: Choose a brand of your choice and create a 360° campaign. Print – Street Marketing – Digital.

Who is Neivz: Neivz is a pop and non conventionnel jewelry brand. It’s full of colours and minimalist at the same time. Their jewelry are very expressive and provocative. Their products are available online. Those jewelry are worn by super stars such as Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, Rihanna… Very innovative personality!

Targeted audience: The audience is young (15- 25)  and spend a huge amount of time on the internet (blogs, tumblr, pinterest…), They belong to the « cool group », always aware of what’s hot. They are looking for things that are extraordinary, surprising, and outstanding. They want to be different from the masses.

Concept: Let the audience expresse itself without any censorship.

Made in: early 2012

project: school project

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